Codes Abided Release & Premiere


2017 marked the beginning of my collaboration with W² Media, a post production studio started by Walker Whited based in Atlanta, GA. I was approached by Walker to help score his hard-hitting crime short, Codes Abided, along with W² Media in-house composer, Tyler Kitchens. The short film's synopsis reads: "A group of outlaws are being tailed by crooked cops. A man in each group wants to turn cheek, but sometimes the law of the crew overrules internal desire."


Codes Abided premiered as part of the We Are Now Atlanta 2017 film industry event at the Rialto Center for the Arts in Atlanta, Georgia, along with other standout indie films from the Atlanta area. The official release for Codes Abided was on April 5th when it was made available to viewers on Vimeo, Facebook, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Codes Abided was met with good reception and was chosen as the Daily Short Pick by Film Shortage. It also went on to become the winner for Original Score of the Month as well as Actor of the Month by the The Monthly Film Festival for the month of April 2017. 

Listen to the cues that I composed and produced for the crime/action short, Codes Abided, below. Also be sure to catch it on Amazon Prime or Vimeo!