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Dark Ascension Soundtrack Wins Best Original Score at KSU GGJ 2016

In early February of 2016, Kennesaw State University in Atlanta Georgia was one of Georgia's Global Game Jam sites of 2016.

At this Global Game Jam site, I met and teamed up with programmers and designers, Jared Hill, Darren O’Neale, Kevin Friddle, Phoenix Alexander-Wright, and composers William Sandberg,  and Jakari Rush, to create a fully functional video game within 48 hours. I acted as co-composer on the title track and sole composer of the in-game track, as well as the music producer and sound designer for the entire project.

Our final result was a 3D action-adventure stealth game titled Dark Ascension. We were incredibly grateful and surprised to find that at the end of the Game Jam, our team won not only the award for Overall Best Game, but also the award for Best Original Score, beating over 30 other teams. Since our game was also part of the Chaotic Good competition, we were also offered paid internship positions with the company.

It was a really amazing experience and a blessing to be able to collaborate with people I had never met, and be able create a game that we each put a lot of ourselves into in such a short timeframe.

Check out the video below for a play through of Dark Ascension.