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Paula Peril: The Hidden City Released

In November 2017, I completed the score for the newest chapter in the adventures of Paula Peril series created by Atlantis Studios, Paula Peril: The Hidden City. In this new adventure/mystery short, “The world's most adventurous investigative reporter finds herself in over her head when she investigates a brutal war between the Mob and a newly-resurgent Serpent Cult. She and her photographer partner uncover surprising truths about the City's past, but with new faces on the streets, it is no longer clear who is friend and foe. Caught by her deadliest enemy, she is placed in a desperate trap with no possible hope for escape.”


I had a great time helping create the sonic identity of the paula peril series! With over 30 minutes of music, it's the largest project I’ve worked on to date and also the most responsibility I've been given. I really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with themes for each of the major characters, while also keeping the score feeling cohesive, energetic, and supportive of the story.

The full original score for Paula Peril: The Hidden City is available for download on my bandcamp page!