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Manifest Film Festival 2017 Premieres

Manifest Film Festival is a yearly film festival organized by Columbia College Chicago. It's during this time when some of the school's most talented filmmakers have the opportunity to share their creations with the friends and the outside community.

This year, Columbia College's Manifest Festival took place on Friday, May 12th. I'm happy that I was able to be the composer for 2 great short films that premiered. 

The first film that premiered was the comedy short entitled The Annual Taylor Family Thanksgiving Day Ping Pong Tournament, written and directed by Warner Nieborg. It premiered as part of Manifest's Senior Spotlight Showcase. Here's the synopsis for the hilarious film:

"A young man, dead set on finally winning the annual family ping pong tournament, finds himself against the black sheep uncle no one's seen in 10 years who wants to take the trophy for himself."

Take that synopsis and imagine it ten times more dramatic and over the top, and you'll have a pretty good idea of The Annual Taylor Family Thanksgiving Day Ping Pong Tournament. Needless to say, I had a blast writing the soundtrack (which has epic "Orff-inspired" orchestras, metal guitars, and even a rap tune)! You can listen to the full soundtrack below.


Me and The Annual Taylor Family Thanksgiving Day Ping Pong Tournament director, Warner Nieborg after its premiere at Manifest.


The second film was an animated short called Lost and Found, which premiered as part of the animation program's exhibition and screenings. The story follows a young girl who loses a piece of clothing in her washing machine, and while trying to retrieve it, she finds herself falling into a new world. She is confronted by an enormous "laundry monster" that she out-smarts and then finds herself waking up on her laundry room floor. "Lost and Found" was written and created by Michelle Kosterski. 

Take a listen to experience the adventure, below!