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Falling Stars Chicago Feminist Film Festival Premiere

After completing the score to Falling Stars this past summer with writer and director Emily Harmon, the drama short film will have its premiere at the Chicago Feminist Film Festival on March 8th! Falling Stars is a compelling drama about a 15-year old girl (Eleanor Ekovich) who has to weigh her decision to protect her sister’s well-being (Kelsey Bunner), or betray her trust. With no one to turn to for advice, she seems to feel a sense of hopelessness. Check out the score for the film below.

Codes Commanded: 2nd Installment of Codes Collection Released

In early 2018, W² Media premiered its second installment in the Codes Trilogy created by Walker Whited. I had the great opportunity of scoring this film as my second collaboration with Walker. For the score, Walker requested that it have a militaristic sound and also pay homage to the scores of the great action movies of the late 80s and early 90s. The short action film is also a prequel to W² Media's Codes Abided, and focusses on the dangerous character of Tommy (played by Barry Piacente) and his transformation into the character we know him as in  Codes Abided.


Be sure to check out the full film on YouTube or Amazon Prime! The full soundtrack is also available for streaming on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and more!





Paula Peril: The Hidden City Released

In November 2017, I completed the score for the newest chapter in the adventures of Paula Peril series created by Atlantis Studios, Paula Peril: The Hidden City. In this new adventure/mystery short, “The world's most adventurous investigative reporter finds herself in over her head when she investigates a brutal war between the Mob and a newly-resurgent Serpent Cult. She and her photographer partner uncover surprising truths about the City's past, but with new faces on the streets, it is no longer clear who is friend and foe. Caught by her deadliest enemy, she is placed in a desperate trap with no possible hope for escape.”


I had a great time helping create the sonic identity of the paula peril series! With over 30 minutes of music, it's the largest project I’ve worked on to date and also the most responsibility I've been given. I really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with themes for each of the major characters, while also keeping the score feeling cohesive, energetic, and supportive of the story.

The full original score for Paula Peril: The Hidden City is available for download on my bandcamp page!

Modern Guilt At The Fifth Annual Shortcut 100 Intl. Film Festival

On October 5th, Modern Guilt, a comedy short written and directed by Carlos Nahuel Cerutti, was screened as part of The Fifth Annual Shortcut100 International Film Festival at the Chicago Music Box Theatre. The festival recognizes independent filmmakers from all around the globe and aims at bringing all of these passionate creatives together. Modern Guilt is about a video game streamer (Stephen George) who tries to overcome procrastination by resorting to his self-destructive drinking habits, only to learn his lesson the hard way.

check out An interview with Modern Guilt director Carlos Cerutti and producer Tyler Hazard!

First International Film Premiere (L'Auberge)

On March 6th earlier this year, L'Auberge, a French short film written and directed by Coline Dumayet, premiered at 56 Rue du Taur, 31000 Toulouse, France. I had the pleasure of co-composing the score with a colleague of mine, Thomas Chabalier.

This short film has an abundance of beautiful shots of the snow covered mountains and landscapes in France, juxtaposed with a story that has a creative plot twist. Below is a suite of some of the music that I composed for L'Auberge. Enjoy!