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Falling Stars Chicago Feminist Film Festival Premiere

After completing the score to Falling Stars this past summer with writer and director Emily Harmon, the drama short film will have its premiere at the Chicago Feminist Film Festival on March 8th! Falling Stars is a compelling drama about a 15-year old girl (Eleanor Ekovich) who has to weigh her decision to protect her sister’s well-being (Kelsey Bunner), or betray her trust. With no one to turn to for advice, she seems to feel a sense of hopelessness. Check out the score for the film below.

Modern Guilt At The Fifth Annual Shortcut 100 Intl. Film Festival

On October 5th, Modern Guilt, a comedy short written and directed by Carlos Nahuel Cerutti, was screened as part of The Fifth Annual Shortcut100 International Film Festival at the Chicago Music Box Theatre. The festival recognizes independent filmmakers from all around the globe and aims at bringing all of these passionate creatives together. Modern Guilt is about a video game streamer (Stephen George) who tries to overcome procrastination by resorting to his self-destructive drinking habits, only to learn his lesson the hard way.

check out An interview with Modern Guilt director Carlos Cerutti and producer Tyler Hazard!

CIMFest 2017 Speaker

In May of this year, CIMFest Director and GGDA Middle/South Chapter Member, Rodrigo Obando, reached out to me asking if I would be interested in speaking about video game soundtracks at CIMFest 2017 at Columbus State University. Anyone who knows me knows that I love video game soundtracks, and that I love talking about them, so of course I agreed to be a speaker.

The talk that I presented was about the functions of video game music. I presented some of my favorite game soundtracks as well as some of the most groundbreaking ones, and briefly talked about why these soundtracks enhance their games so much and why they are so memorable. It was a great time being able to share my appreciation for some of my favorite composers with others, and I look forward to being able to speak at other events in the future!

Codes Abided Release & Premiere

2017 marked the beginning of my collaboration with W² Media, a post production studio started by Walker Whited based in Atlanta, GA. I was approached by Walker to help score his hard-hitting crime short, Codes Abided, along with W² Media in-house composer, Tyler Kitchens. The short film's synopsis reads: "A group of outlaws are being tailed by crooked cops. A man in each group wants to turn cheek, but sometimes the law of the crew overrules internal desire."


Codes Abided premiered as part of the We Are Now Atlanta 2017 film industry event at the Rialto Center for the Arts in Atlanta, Georgia, along with other standout indie films from the Atlanta area. The official release for Codes Abided was on April 5th when it was made available to viewers on Vimeo, Facebook, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Codes Abided was met with good reception and was chosen as the Daily Short Pick by Film Shortage. It also went on to become the winner for Original Score of the Month as well as Actor of the Month by the The Monthly Film Festival for the month of April 2017. 

Listen to the cues that I composed and produced for the crime/action short, Codes Abided, below. Also be sure to catch it on Amazon Prime or Vimeo!

Manifest Film Festival 2017 Premieres

Manifest Film Festival is a yearly film festival organized by Columbia College Chicago. It's during this time when some of the school's most talented filmmakers have the opportunity to share their creations with the friends and the outside community.

This year, Columbia College's Manifest Festival took place on Friday, May 12th. I'm happy that I was able to be the composer for 2 great short films that premiered. 

The first film that premiered was the comedy short entitled The Annual Taylor Family Thanksgiving Day Ping Pong Tournament, written and directed by Warner Nieborg. It premiered as part of Manifest's Senior Spotlight Showcase. Here's the synopsis for the hilarious film:

"A young man, dead set on finally winning the annual family ping pong tournament, finds himself against the black sheep uncle no one's seen in 10 years who wants to take the trophy for himself."

Take that synopsis and imagine it ten times more dramatic and over the top, and you'll have a pretty good idea of The Annual Taylor Family Thanksgiving Day Ping Pong Tournament. Needless to say, I had a blast writing the soundtrack (which has epic "Orff-inspired" orchestras, metal guitars, and even a rap tune)! You can listen to the full soundtrack below.


Me and The Annual Taylor Family Thanksgiving Day Ping Pong Tournament director, Warner Nieborg after its premiere at Manifest.


The second film was an animated short called Lost and Found, which premiered as part of the animation program's exhibition and screenings. The story follows a young girl who loses a piece of clothing in her washing machine, and while trying to retrieve it, she finds herself falling into a new world. She is confronted by an enormous "laundry monster" that she out-smarts and then finds herself waking up on her laundry room floor. "Lost and Found" was written and created by Michelle Kosterski. 

Take a listen to experience the adventure, below!

"Turbulence" Game Soundtrack Completed

On April 17th, I completed the production of the soundtrack for a video game project entitled, Turbulence.  The video game was created by long-time friend and programmer, Danny Wadkins, and a team of computer science majors at Columbus State University. 

The game drew inspiration from the hit sports game, Rocket League®. In Turbulence, two opposing teams of player-controlled airplanes compete in a game to see who can score the most goals.

Hear the soundtrack for Turbulence below!

First International Film Premiere (L'Auberge)

On March 6th earlier this year, L'Auberge, a French short film written and directed by Coline Dumayet, premiered at 56 Rue du Taur, 31000 Toulouse, France. I had the pleasure of co-composing the score with a colleague of mine, Thomas Chabalier.

This short film has an abundance of beautiful shots of the snow covered mountains and landscapes in France, juxtaposed with a story that has a creative plot twist. Below is a suite of some of the music that I composed for L'Auberge. Enjoy!

Dark Ascension Soundtrack Wins Best Original Score at KSU GGJ 2016

In early February of 2016, Kennesaw State University in Atlanta Georgia was one of Georgia's Global Game Jam sites of 2016.

At this Global Game Jam site, I met and teamed up with programmers and designers, Jared Hill, Darren O’Neale, Kevin Friddle, Phoenix Alexander-Wright, and composers William Sandberg,  and Jakari Rush, to create a fully functional video game within 48 hours. I acted as co-composer on the title track and sole composer of the in-game track, as well as the music producer and sound designer for the entire project.

Our final result was a 3D action-adventure stealth game titled Dark Ascension. We were incredibly grateful and surprised to find that at the end of the Game Jam, our team won not only the award for Overall Best Game, but also the award for Best Original Score, beating over 30 other teams. Since our game was also part of the Chaotic Good competition, we were also offered paid internship positions with the company.

It was a really amazing experience and a blessing to be able to collaborate with people I had never met, and be able create a game that we each put a lot of ourselves into in such a short timeframe.

Check out the video below for a play through of Dark Ascension.