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Containment Breach: Orchestral Horror Music is a small ambient-orchestral music pack, meticulously crafted for use in survival-horror or any horror games! This pack features pieces recorded with the best sample libraries on the market, bringing you that AAA music quality at an unbeatable price.


The main music tracks of this asset pack are split into individual “layers”, to provide you with extra flexibility and customization!

Also included are 10 scare stingers that will provide incredible emotional emphasis during gameplay.

Containment Breach: Orchestral Horror Music is included in Journey Across Worlds: Action + Adventure, the full collection of every music asset I've created!


AAA Quality Music for an Affordable Price

  • 27 Unique Music Files

  • Seamless Loops, Layers & Stingers

  • Professionally Mixed Recordings

  • Royalty Free

344.3 MB on Disk

24 Bit / 48 kHz .wav Audio

Over 18 Minutes of Music




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Containment Breach Drone 1 - Free Time++

+ All Layers

+ Layer 1

+ Layer 2
+ Layer 3

Containment Breach Drone 2 - Free Time

+ All Layers

+ Layer 1

+ Layer 2
+ Layer 3

Containment Breach Battle Loop - 80 bpm | 4/4

+ All Layers

+ Brass All Layers

+ Brass Layer 1
+ Brass Layer 2

Percussion All Layers

Strings All Layers

Strings Layer 1

Strings Layer 2

Strings Layer 3

++Tracks with Free Time have no discernible pulse or beat


All Layers - When a track has the suffix “All Layers”, then that track is the full version of the song before it was divided into different layers.

Layer 1, Layer 2, etc. - When a track has the suffix “Layer 1, 2 etc.” then this is one of the layers the original full song was divided into.

Brass All Layers, Strings All Layers, etc. - When a track has a suffix such as this, then this track contains all of the layers of that instrument family (i.e. All of the brass, all off the percussion, etc.)

Strings Layer 1, Brass Layer 1, etc. - These types of tracks only contain a portion of the instruments in that instrument family layer (i.e. only staccato brass, only sustained strings, etc.)

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