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Journey Across Worlds: Action + Adventure Music is a small collection of over 60 flexible loops, stingers, and SFX, all meticulously crafted for use in action games of all sorts and sizes!

This pack features pieces recorded by live orchestras and soloists, bringing you that AAA music quality at an unbeatable price. Whether you’re looking for traditional/epic orchestral, metal, electronic, ambient, or world music for your game, it’s all here in this pack!


AAA Quality Music for an Affordable Price

  • 60+ Unique Music Files

  • Seamless Loops & Stingers

  • Live Recordings

  • Royalty Free

1.14 GB on Disk

24 Bit / 48 kHz .wav Audio

Over 1 Hour of Music




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Chasm Ambush - 162 bpm | 4/4 Meter

Fortress of Solitude (Fortress Encounter) - 110 bpm | 4/4 Meter

Permission to Engage - 152 bpm | 4/4 Mixed+

Toon Battle! - 150 bpm | 4/4 Mixed

Great Plateau Grasslands - 80 bpm | 4/4 Mixed

Battle of Fate - 150 bpm | 3/4 Mixed

The Final Ascent - 84 bpm | 5/4 Mixed

Thru the Mirror - 100 bpm | 4/4

Containment Breach Drone 1 - Free Time++

Containment Breach Drone 2 - Free Time

Containment Breach Battle Loop - 80 bpm | 4/4

Jungle Crossing - 214 bpm | 12/8

Flight Training - 110 bpm | 4/4

Enchanted Ride  - 120 bpm | 12/8

+Tracks with Mixed Meter contain multiple time signatures throughout the piece.

++Tracks with Free Time have no discernible pulse or beat


Intro - This is the intro segment of a track that is only intended to be played once and excluded from the looping main sections

Intro LOOP - Similar to the regular Intro, but the loop version is intended to loop until the main sections of the track are triggered by an in-game event.

Main Sections - This is the looping section of the track and contains all of the sections (A,B,C, etc.)

Main Sections with 2nd Variation - A track with this in the title is similar to the “Main Sections” version, but on the second repeat, there is something different about the track. For example, the 2nd Variation of Permission to Engage does not have strings playing over the first metal riff, whereas the first repetition does include the strings.

Section A, B, C, etc. - A track that contains these segments means that the order in which the sections play can be varied. For example: Instead of the regular A, B, C, order, the track can be pieced together to play in a different order like B, A, C.

FULL - Files with FULL in the name are the full version of the track, the intro and main sections all combined and placed in the intended order.


Ambient - A track with Ambient in the title is one that is intended to play when there is no danger near the character.

Tension - A track with Tension in the title is one that is intended to be triggered when danger is nearing or approaching the character. 

Combat - A track with Combat in the title is one that is intended to be triggered when the player is engaged in combat.

Combat with Piano - This type of track is the same as the combat version, but has the addition of a piano to provide you with more variation.

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