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Great Plateau Grasslands: Dreamy Ambient-Orchestral Music is a small ambient-orchestral music pack, carefully crafted for use in open world adventure games or any project you'd like relaxing, pastoral BGM for!

This pack features pieces recorded with the best sample libraries on the market, bringing you that AAA music quality at an unbeatable price. The main tracks of this asset pack are comprised of different "variations", to provide you with extra flexibility and customization. Seamlessly program the music to build tension when danger is nearby, and make it become heavy when you're in combat!

Also included, are musical stingers (some with variations) that you may need for differing circumstances.

Great Plateau Grasslands: Dreamy Ambient-Orchestral Music is included in Journey Across Worlds: Action + Adventure, the full collection of every music asset I've created!


AAA Quality Music for an Affordable Price

  • 17 Unique Music Files

  • Seamless Loops, Variations & Stingers

  • Professionally Mixed Recordings

  • Royalty Free

 358.2 MB on Disk

24 Bit / 48 kHz .wav Audio

Over 20 Minutes of Music




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Great Plateau Grasslands - 80 bpm | 4/4 Mixed+

+ Ambient_Stem

+ Tension_Stem

+ Combat_Stem

+ Combat_Stem_with_Piano

Grasslands Hub - 80 bpm | 4/4 Mixed

+ Piano_Only

+ Piano_Version_No_Clarinets
+ Piano_Version_FULL

+ Harp_Only
+ Harp_Version_No_Clarinets

+ Harp_Version_FULL

+ Piano_and_Harp_Version


+ Level_Complete

+ Special_Item_Collected

+ Puzzle_Solved_Ambient

+ Puzzle_Solved_Tension

+ Puzzle_Solved_Combat

+ Puzzle_Solved_Combat_with_Piano

+Tracks with Mixed Meter contain multiple time signatures throughout the piece.


FULL - Files with FULL in the name are the full version of the track. The intro & main sections are all combined and placed in their intended order, with all of the intended instruments included.


Ambient_Stem - A track with Ambient in the title is one that is intended to play when there is no danger near the character.


Tension_Stem - A track with Tension in the title is one that is intended to be triggered when danger is nearing or approaching the character. 


Combat_Stem - A track with Combat in the title is one that is intended to be triggered when the player is engaged in combat.


Combat_Stem_with_Piano - This type of track is the same as the combat version, but has the addition of a piano to provide you with more variation.


Harp_Only / Piano_Only - This track only includes the instrument listed in the track name, such as only a harp or only a piano.

No_Clarinets - Just as the name suggests, a track with this in its name means that this version omits the clarinets.


Piano_and_Harp_Version - This track includes both the piano and harp parts instead of keeping them as separate versions. Just in case you can’t decide between the two!

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