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Epic Live Orchestra: Fighting Music is a small cinematic action music pack, consciously crafted for use in fighting games or any action games that utilize looping music!


This pack's main track, Fortress of Solitude, was recorded with live orchestra players, bringing you AAA live-recorded music quality at an unbeatable price. You get 3 different versions of the main music loop (full, orchestra only, & percussion/synths only) and each version is split into individual “sections”, to provide you with an incredible amount of flexibility and control over your soundtrack!


With the ability to customize like this you, can truly make your soundtrack interactive with your game —and you can make it different each time it loops!


Also included in this pack, are victory and defeat stingers, and 10 special attack SFX for cutscenes (or whatever you want to use them for!)

Epic Live Orchestra: Fighting Music is included in Journey Across Worlds: Action + Adventure, the full collection of every music asset I've created!


AAA Quality Live-Recorded Music for an Affordable Price

  • 34 Unique Music Files

  • Seamless Loops, Sections & Stingers

  • Live Recordings

  • Royalty Free

269.8 MB on Disk

24 Bit / 48 kHz .wav Audio

Over 14 Minutes of Music




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Fortress of Solitude - All Instruments - FULL - 110 bpm | 4/4

+ All Instruments - Intro

+ All Instruments - Main Sections
+ All Instruments - Section A

+ All Instruments - Section B

+ All Instruments - Section C

Fortress of Solitude - Orchestra Only - FULL

+ Orchestra Only - Intro

+ Orchestra Only - Main Sections
+ Orchestra Only - Section A

+ Orchestra Only - Section B

+ Orchestra Only - Section C

Fortress of Solitude - Percussion and Synths Only - FULL

+ Percussion and Synths Only - Intro

+ Percussion and Synths Only - Main Sections
+ Percussion and Synths
 Only - Section A

+ Percussion and Synths Only - Section B

+ Percussion and Synths Only - Section C


Victory Stinger - All Instruments - 110 bpm | 4/4 Meter

+ Orchestra Only

+ Percussion and Synths Only

Defeat Stinger - All Instruments - 110 bpm | 4/4 Meter

+ Orchestra Only

+ Percussion and Synths Only


+ Special Attack 1

+ Special Attack 2

+ Special Attack 3

+ Special Attack 4

+ Special Attack 5

+ Special Attack 6

+ Special Attack 7

+ Special Attack 8

+ Special Attack 9

+ Special Attack 10


FULL - Files with FULL in the name are the full version of the track, the intro and main sections all combined and placed in the intended order.

Intro - This is the intro segment of a track that is only intended to be played once and excluded from the looping main sections

Main Sections - This is the combined looping section of the track and contains all of the sections (A,B,C, etc.)

Section A, B, C, etc. - A track that contains these segments means that the order in which the sections play can be varied. For example: Instead of the regular A, B, C, order, the track can be pieced together to play in a different order like B, A, C.

All Instruments - Tracks with this in the title are the versions that contain all of the instruments (orchestra, percussion, and synths all combined)

Orchestra Only - Tracks with this title are the versions that contain only the live orchestra (no synths and percussion). This can allow you to program the percussion and synths to fade in at more intense sections if you’d like, or if you’d just rather have the orchestra playing by itself instead.

Percussion and Synths Only - These tracks contain only the percussion and synth stems without the orchestra parts

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